Photo Shoot on Mt. Takao – Tokyo, Japan

Hello friends! I wanted to share a recent photo shoot and tell you a little bit more about the gear we used and show some of the final photos. First of all, the video was shot solely on the FujiFilm X-Pro2, the photos seen here were taken by me on my FujiFilm X-T2, while my photographer buddies Bob and Derek were shooting with their Sony A7RII’s. You may be asking yourself, why shoot the video on the X-Pro2 when you have an X-T2 at hand? Well, I wanted to use the X-T2 as my stills camera and see what the X-Pro2 was capable of (especially since it’s getting a 4K video boost next month via firmware update). In the first half of the video on top of Mt. Takao we shot with the Godox AD-200 and Westcott RapidBox. The mountain was crowded with tourists and locals enjoying the fall colors, so we picked a spot off the beaten path to avoid having them in our shots and to avoid getting attention from park rangers. I was shooting at f/1.2 on the Fuji 56mm lens and used a shutter speed of around 1/2000 sec. Thankfully, Godox recently released the X1T-F radio transmitter for their flashes so now High Speed Sync (HSS) is no problem all of the way up to 1/8000 sec!

Bob was shooting on his A7RII with a SmallHD monitor attached to the top of the camera. He uses it as a focus/composition aid since it’s bigger and clearer than the built in LCD screen on his camera. His go to lens for this shoot was the 85mm f/1.4 G-Master lens by Sony (awesome lens by the way). Bob and Derek swapped lenses a few times since they were both using the same cameras and had different lenses between them. Derek mentioned the fact that he has the 70-200 f/4 and wants to get the f/2.8 version soon…

We then proceeded back down the mountain on a cool steep inclined cable car. When I say steep, I mean it. Even inside of the car you had to hold on to prevent falling out of your seat or while standing. When we got to the bottom we were in search of a river or waterway we could setup in and not be bothered by cops or locals. We stumbled upon the spot you will see in the video and quickly drew a crowd of over 20 onlookers as we started shooting. I setup the Westcott 50″ Apollo soft box on a sturdy 13′ light stand with the Godox AD-600 inside. I chose to use the AD-600 since the 50″ soft box eats a lot of light output and didn’t want to burn through the batteries of the AD-200. We were shooting at about 1/8 power on the AD-600, which ensured fast recycle times and saved battery power (even though the AD-600 can fire 500 full power flashes).

Final thoughts – My prediction is that FujiFilm will surpass all other camera manufacturers in relevance and popularity in the next 10-15 years. I know, that’s a bold statement, but here’s why I say this. FujiFilm gets it and they not only listen to their customers, but also implement updates to OLD CAMERAS! Who does that, other than putting out firmware to fix bugs that weren’t caught before the initial release. I remember when the Nikon D600 came out and the D800. The D600 had an oil problem and my D800e had a mirror box alignment issue. Both issues were seen by many other people on the internet and I’m not here to bash Nikon, instead of making it right, they just released the next models. This is not how you take care of your customers. Secondly, FujiFilm has a great mirrorless system with constant updated via firmware and they have an ever growing selection of lenses (3rd party manufacturers make them too). Final thought, if Nikon and Canon decide to bring it with a mirrorless system, I think it will fall short due to the fact that they will just release a new model to add new features, unlike FujiFilm. If Fuji merged with Panasonic, Olympus and Pentax to form a monster company, it wouldn’t surprise me (but I doubt that will happen). Anyway, enough jibber jabbering from me for now, get out there and shoot with whatever camera you have and enjoy photography…It’s fun!

You can check out the BTS video here Mt Takao Photo Shoot Video

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