Amazing images using flash and photoshop!


As a professional photographer, I enjoy experimenting with lighting, backgrounds, lenses and off camera lighting. Here are a few examples of how I turned my vision into a reality using very limited equipment in a small studio space. I used one light in each of these images and a studio background.

Before (Straight out of camera)

After (Photoshop)

I used a slightly different approach on this image. Originally, I was not planning on doing any photoshop to it since I liked it the way it looked SOOC, but I always love to tinker and thought the background looked like snow, so I decided to add snow just to see how it would turn out. The good news is, I loved it!



Here’s a test shot of just the background before the girl even entered my frame. I normally use a light meter, but i didn’t really need to for this one light portrait.

Equipment used to make these images:

FujiFilm X-Pro2 camera
Westcott 35″ Zeppelin Parabolic
Westcott speckled light gray background (10×20′)
Solid white backdrop for the first image from Denny mfg. (10×20′)
Godox AD-600BM strobe
Triggered with Godox X-1N trigger (strobes have built in radio receivers)

Photoshop CC
Alien Skin Exposure X
Rad Labs Totally Rad software
DXO FilmLab
Mystical Suite Gen1

Thank you for your time reading this article and if you have any questions I’m always willing to help… I teach these techniques at my workshops and hundreds of students have walked away from them knowing nearly nothing about photography to having all of the knowledge they could ever need to be a professional. When I started I wished someone would have shown me what I know now after 20 years of experience.

-Chris Bergstrom
Bushido Photo, LLC
Tokyo, Japan

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